Healthcare Facility Planning, Real Estate Development, Construction Administration

iMax Healthcare Values

To build world-class facilities that support the cognitive health and overall wellness of the most vulnerable population.

To create access to services that will ultimately bridge the gap of social determinants of health in underserved communities.

It is our goal to achieve maximum efficiency with the space planning that will allow the team to provide a GREAT Patient Experience.


Dr Clyde Maxwell
Dr Clyde MaxwellDentist/Developer

Dr. Clyde Maxwell

Creating access through “connection care” is a primary goal of the leadership of the firm. Dr. Clyde Maxwell (“Dr. Max”) has created the concept of what he calls the Touch Point Opportunities (T.P.O.) Every interactive point of contact with the patient (family) represents an opportunity to strengthen the relationship-building process. As a seasoned practicing provider treating children and families, Dr. Max has helped architects with an evidenced based design model in creation of projects as the healing environment. As a wildly popular and proven destination created for providing the ultimate patient experience, He has focused on bringing high-quality patient care for the entire family. He enjoys teaching a unique approach of decreasing the fears associated with visiting the dental office. We are not only committed to sharing extraordinarily unique and fun medical/dental experiences for all children, but we are even more excited about the generational impact that this cognitive healing environment brings to the many families in the communities being served throughout the country.

Greg Page
Greg PageDeveloper MSCM CPM

Greg Page

Greg Page is the Founder and CEO of PAGE Healthcare an experienced healthcare real estate and construction executive with 23 years of industry experience and over two million square feet of development, planning, and construction experience. His depth of experience includes project readiness, program development, conceptual planning, financial feasibility, and linkage to financial subsidies. Greg’s experience includes both acute care hospitals and outpatient facilities across the country. Having programmed more than 23 health centers in both urban and rural markets, Greg understands that at the end of the day, it’s all about outcomes, and how the patient experiences the facility in which they receive the care that they need.

Expert Healthcare Builders

The iMax Healthcare Group leadership has more than 50 years of combined healthcare experience. We are a collection of healthcare providers, phd’s, engineers, and researchers that have come together to create a new model for delivering high-quality health and wellness facilities to enhance the patient experience and improve patient outcomes. Through the experience of how we use space in the treatment of each patient is what makes iMax Healthcare different! We call it “Touch-Points”, no opportunity is wasted to engage the patient, educate them, and reassure them that their health is our top priority!  

What We Do-

  • Land Use Planning

  • Master Planning

  • Real Estate Development

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Debt & Equity Structuring

  • Construction Administration

  • Asset Management